Friday, 12 November 2010


Just as a follow on from yesterday's picture, this is the next shot on my camera after I took the poppies picture.  It was a beautiful sunny September day out across the fields and I had remembered the camera, fortunately!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday, my book from Karon at Dream Acres arrived, it is lovely and I can't wait to get my herb garden planted in the new year.  I have the space and all the soil etc ready to go and do it.  I am going to put it in the front garden so the chickens cant get into it!!  Now we have a proper door from the house to outside it makes life a lot easier to get in and out!!

Probably shouldn't put this picture on should I!!  I am kidding myself that creativity isn't a neat process!!  Thankfully you can't see the pile of stuff on the floor too!!  All sorted and organised into different piles but still on the floor all the same!

These are my new stenciled wooden signs all packed up and ready to go off to the fair tomorrow

And this is a selection of the Christmas ones.  I am just about to brave the outdoors again and finish taking the pictures of them for the website, wish me luck I fear I shall be blown across the garden with the low flying chooks (they are not intending to fly even if they are fully equiped to do so!!)

Right, must go for my Mary Poppins moment, am fully fortified with tea, carpet bag and brolly
Take care all
Sarah xx

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