Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Its all new

Well this is new! After much deliberation I have decided to just get on with it and I can figure out how on earth to write a blog as I go!

Our house is back to being a house now after the charity swap and shop we hosted here at the weekend. It went very well and most people went home with new goodies having left their unwanted ones behind for someone else, and we raised over £100 for the village Goodwill Fund. So now I am thinking maybe this can be an annual event........

Had a great walk with George across the cow field (which currently has sheep in it), think this would be a good shot for a spot the ball competition! Could try to spot the sheep as well as they seem to have donned their camouflage.

So now I am off to figure out how to paint my workroom without having to remove any of the stuff that is in there! Not at all how I would usually do things but I just cannot even begin to think where I would put everything - so much has accumulated over the past year! I have the spring cleaning and clear out, decluttering bug now, oh dear nothing will be safe!
But first a cup of tea.
Sarah x

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