Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What a lovely day

Well today has been such a blast! I have had just the best time with my friend Debs. Much tea, biscuits, laughter and a good natter, you can't really get a better combination! Probably not what the neighbours thought if they saw me trundle out the car with a rather large bottle of vodka and a bruised nose! But that is a completely different story........

Had the heavy wellies on this morning with all the rain, really can't walk far in them, and certainly have no wish to know how silly I may look waddling up the lane. Does give me free license to splosh through all the puddles which I recommend we all try from time to time.

Although puddles are fun I am rather hoping the wet stuff eases up a little as the brook at the bottom of the lane is looking rather full.

Keep safe, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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