Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dodging the rain

So here I was just thinking that I'll get these pics online seems as I am so impressed with myself for remembering to take the pictures as I have made the stock and I have just noticed the time and realised that it is 10pm and I've not had my dinner!  Not really had lunch either!
However that does mean that I have been nice and busy and have had a lovely day getting on with some study and some Land Cuckoo stock making.
This is a brand new sign, hot off the paintbrush.  The wording was requested by a customer and I have had the stencil made by a local company which I am so happy to have been able to use.  Really cuts down on the production miles!  I have a few new designs in the planning stages (in my head) and hope to get them made into stencils very soon.

At last I have got onto the seaside fabric!  Have been looking forward to making this memo board up for a while and now I have!  Hopefully it will be dry and bright tomorrow so I can get out and take some photos for the website.

We have had a wonderful day today with some stunning sunshine and spectacular cloudbursts.  I managed to avoid all of the rain by strategic timing of dog walking and tea drinking in Baggy's!
Well right now I am off to get my dinner, hope you all have a lovely weekend, til next time
Sarah x

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