Thursday, 14 March 2013

On the rocks

Glad its still sunny today as I wanted to put these pictures on that I took on Tuesday!
George and I managed to spend some time on the beach in the sunshine.
It was mighty cold still!  Hat and gloves were required at all times.

I don't think I have been on the beach when the tide is this far out.  These rocks are generally hidden for the most part.  They are so impressive, the shapes they create and the thousands of little creatures that are living on them and in the rock pools.

Normally we are marching up the hill or out to the left of this picture to the headland so it was nice to get a different view.

Closer inspection of the rock reveals the source of the blue tinge to the rocks.
We sat down after a spot of gathering driftwood and just enjoyed being in the sunshine, so nice not to have to be fighting the winds and driving rain.
I have a few more pictures so will try to get them on soon, maybe the sun will keep on shining!  Easter is not too far off now and just as soon as I have finished my college week I shall be in the workshop to get on with the preparations and making of stock once more.
Right now it is (as usual) time for food so take care all, til next time
Sarah x

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, you simply can't beat a walk along the beach, you're in a wonderful part of the world, I'm totally jealous!!

    Love the top picture of George, he is completely in his element isn't he.

    Sue xx


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