Saturday, 23 January 2010

Cataloguing my morning

Yesterday I was catching up on my blog reading when I spotted a post from Karon at Dream Country Chat about her cat Berti. Then would you believe it - I was treated to a similar feline line of attack this morning:

Missy, the little black princess of Land Cuckoo, noted that Dad opened up the chickens before he went to work this morning, thus leaving Mum in bed to gently wake up with the sunrise. In other words I'd wake up when my body had decided it had had enough of the big comfy bed, because lets face it, the sun doesn't get to being strong enough to rouse me from my slumber at this time of year.

Not content with the helping of milk which she had been given at this time she decides to wait until Dad has driven off to work (this is still at unspeakable o'clock, the beauty of a shift working Hubby) before she thinks it is appropriate to come and shout at me to go out.

That is after she has tried to open the curtains whilst leaning off the edge of the bed and using the radiator as extra leverage, leaving Missy shaped claw marks along the edge of the aforementioned curtains because they were in the way. Just on the off chance that in my tired state of mind last night I might left the window open thus giving a cat sized escape route.

Upon finding that the window is indeed not open it is then time to give a rendition of 'I must go out now' at the top of her voice. Now bearing in mind that this cat did not even murmmer a sound until she lived with me I suppose I only have myself to blame, clearly she has picked up on my fairly constant chatting, either on the phone or to myself, sorry I mean the dog and cat and chickens!
So bang goes my lovely lazy lie in and off I go in bare feet down the stairs to the part of the house that is at least 10degrees colder than the rest when the fire isn't on and across the tiled floor which is mighty cold due to the fact that my slippers are too big to wear safely when walking down the stairs if I have no socks on and have therefore been left upstairs!

With collar located and placed on cat she gains her freedom and off down the garden she goes.

Well, it's back up the stairs for me to see if I can recoup any of that lazy start to the day that I had planned........thank goodness for dark mornings, it's like I was never up and an extra hour is had!

Take care all, have a lovely Burns Night if you are out celebrating

Sarah x

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    That cheeky cat! lol
    My mum's cat used to howl outside my bedroom window to be let in and it used to drive me mad!

    I am still a cat fan though, and thinking of getting a pair of kittens when we move :-D

    I hope you managed to get back to sleep ;-)

    Rose X


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