Wednesday, 13 January 2010

And then there was snow

Continuing on from yesterday and the start of our holiday which we spent taking in the sea air, we woke up to snow on the Tuesday morning and Devon remained in it's frozen state for the rest of the week. I know it is still bad down there too so I hope any of you who are out there are all keeping warm and well.
The cottages we stayed at are called North Hill, located just outside Barnstaple. Carol Ann and Adrian looked after us very well, ensuring we had enough food and collecting any provisions from town as they had managed to get back up the lane to the farm with their 4 wheel drive car, unfortunately our little car would have got down but not back up again, hence we stayed put!
Up across the fields behind the farm the snow clouds shrouded us as they passed over. The beauty for us coming from such a flat part of the country is the fact that everytime you get to the other side of a field you have a different view of the valleys and hills. Those are the cottages just visable in the snow cloud.
A quiet spot to read a book and watch the world go by!
George checking out the lane and returning with the 'don't go down there' verdict.
Snowy North Hill
Frozen North Hill, although not indoors, that was lovely and warm!
Isn't he a handsome Doggins? And first footprints on that bit of snow too! Wasn't long before we all got up there and left our tracks.
Hard not to leave tracks when you have a monster snowman to build! This was much better snowman building snow than the snow we had at home before Christmas.

We did contemplate staying on a little longer so that we could get out and about as the lane was starting to thaw in the places where our car would have struggled to get up but as the weather was forecast to continue and get worse we reluctantly decided that we would have to make a move home. We were lucky enough that the day we were due to come home was also the day of the best travelling weather so we made a break for it.

Stonehenge on the way down to Devon before the snow. I could not believe all the 'ants' around the outside, I don't think I have ever seen Stonehenge with all those people around it.

Funnily enough, no-one was walking around as we passed by on our way home!

Well we are all home safe and sound now, more snow falling here today but I don't think we have too much to worry about as it is hardly a gentle covering at present. We'll see what we have in the morning!

Take care all, til tomorrow

Sarah xx

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  1. What lovely pictures, you should pick one of those for your Christmas cards next year.

    I think Stonehenge is gorgeous in the snow, I've driven past so many times and seen the 'ants', but never it surrounded by snow!

    Sue xx


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