Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More Treasure

I wasn't looking for this at all!

It just struck a chord with me and I had to have it.

Well not so much of an impulse buy really as I had to measure it and then come home to check it would fit where I wanted it in my workshop and then that I could get it in the truck to get it home. If I couldn't get it home then the £20 it was going to cost me for the unit would not be such a bargin if I had to pay for delivery too.

Even though I didn't write the measurements down and proceeded to remember totally different numbers to the actual size of the cupboard it did mercifully fit into the truck!

I've just been giving it a thorough clean and have decided that although there is nothing really wrong with the paint, I think I shall give it a good freshen up with a new coat and I have some lovely fabric or paper in mind for covering the drawers and cupboard doors which are currently covered in some fablon type wood effect sticky stuff.

Now that I have put the pictures up here of the before, I shall have to make sure I get cracking so I can put some after pictures up too! This is going to be my relaxation project to do when I have made a good supply of stock!

Take care all, til tomorrow

Sarah x

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  1. That has potential, lots of it. Can't wait to see it's finished look.

    Sue xx


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