Saturday, 23 January 2010

Show and Tell

I have been having a lovely week down in my workshop, loving the fact that I am no longer in the house, it feels like my own little hideaway oasis, with my music on or the radio chatting away to me I have been quite merrily sewing away down the bottom of the garden.
At last I have got onto trying out some of the projects in one of my books that I have been meaning to have a go at for ages now. These are the results:
A pot stand, this one is quilted and unscented which is a change to the ones I am usually making with the cloves and cinnamon inside.
This is some of the fabric I bought at the Festival of Quilts last year at the NEC. I love the colours, not the style of fabrics that I would usually choose but I was myseriously drawn to these!
And for the proper British cuppa.........
A rather patriotic tea cosy! At last a delve into the scap bucket to use up some of those fabrics. Although I did discover that I have not used much red in the past as I was struggling to find enough to make this up. Note to oneself - use more red, it is afterall one of my favourite colours!
And finally.............. No I didn't make this one! Found this today at my favourite treasure trove of goodies. I am certain that this is the same as a picture that used to hang at my Nan's house. There was such a familiarity about it as soon as I saw it that I picked it straight up and held onto it all the way round the shop. Just as soon as I can bring myself to hammer into my lovely new walls, this will be going in the workshop!
Have a lovely weekend everyone
Take care
Sarah x


  1. i found a dish at a thrift store a few months ago that i SWEAR came from my grandma's house. i was so happy to find it, it was like wrapping a snuggly grandma blanket around myself!

    i found your blog through cabin + cub, so hello!

  2. Totally agree about the picture Sarah, a lovely find. enjoy it. Jane xx

  3. is that Amy Butler fabric, its so lovely, and I love the tea cosie as well////

    Gill in Canada


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