Sunday, 15 February 2015

100 and counting

I've reached the first milestone of 100 items which I have redistributed out of my home!  Feeling quite accomplished at my ability to do this as I usually cannot get rid of anything, which is frustrating seems as I don't like clutter!  At the rate which I can fill my home with stuff it will become very costly to just keep moving to bigger and bigger homes, and of course totally un-doable (is that even a word?)  So I guess that now will not be the time to list the number of things that I have managed to acquire or purchase since the beginning of the year!  I have had some very lovely friends gift me items which I have really needed and can't possibly fashion from what I already have and also I did manage to find some exceptional bargains in the past week or so, again all items which could not be sourced from what I already have.
Today's goal is to get to my fireplace!
Its behind this lot.
Will let you know if I get there, so back I must go to the boxes, no idea what is in them as I didn't write on all of them when I was packing up, thought it would keep me entertained, now I am not so sure!!
Take care all, til next time
Sal x


  1. We had a huge declutter last year when we moved and at times it was stressful, but so therapeutic at the same time. Good luck and hope you found your fireplace.

  2. Are you SURE there is a fireplace in that room ;-)

    You're doing well, keep up the momentum.


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