Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Deep breaths

Deep breaths of good sea air is what is required.  Managed to get struck down with a shocking cold yesterday, add to that the ever increasing shopping list of things I don't really want to have to buy but am going to have to and I could get rather down!
However, I have just managed to get a great deal on a washing machine which has cheered me up somewhat!  Lets face it, buying a washing machine is not something that I really wanted to do but seems as mine fell apart noisily mid spin yesterday, I have to!  So the best way to counteract the disappointment of spending money on something that isn't fun is to get a good deal!
Next good deal I need is on a car so here's hoping the tide of fortune has turned in my favour.
Must go and make a lemsip.......
take care all
Sarah x

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  1. Gosh I hope you manage to find a good car soon, a Landie if that's what you want, what you really really want!!

    Seems like you've a lot on your plate at the moment, and you're not well on top of it all. Poor you, good job Gorgeous George is there to take care of you.

    Missing Sophie like mad at the moment :-(

    Give George a hug and a kiss from me, but don't pass on your germs!

    Sue xx


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