Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Croyde Market

One of the reasons I've not been blogging much lately, well the main reason really, is time.  There just isn't enough of it in a day!  However, I may have just found out something that is going to make life a bit easier.  Its nothing amazing to most folk but I've just discovered a super quick way to resize my pictures for the blog!  Such a simple thing and discovered completely by mistake - aren't all the best discoveries by accident!

So, now, I said I would get some pictures of the market from the village so here they are!  My stall which looks rather bland at present, need to work on the set up but that will have to wait for the time being, I'm too busy making the stock to go on it!!

Gorgeous George helping out!
Oh, the market is held in Croyde Village Hall on Mondays and Thursdays, thats in North Devon and hopefully in the sunshine!

I am very lucky as I get to be next to Caroline and her vintage candles.

These are all hand poured just down the lane from where I live.

She uses vegetable wax so that you can use the cups and glasses after you have burned the candles.

Every candle is scented, some floral and some with citrus flavours - perfect for the kitchen. So not only do you have to choose your favourite piece you also have to choose your favourite scent, I am there for hours!

Now I am going to be really bad as I have forgotten this lady's name.  Only met her the other week, she has used beautiful colours and textures of fabric for her bags.

Together with her artwork.

And lovely little handmade tags!

These are Sandy's Devon Sheep!  All hand felted and then oversewn to make a fab picture.

Other pieces of felted art have been turned into photograph albums and books.

Or even beads for a truely unique necklace.

This collection of surfers have been made from recycled wood and items found on the beach.

Ian (I C Design) comes and stays in Croyde so he can go surfing, in the time between waves he gathers all sorts of flotsom and jetsom and creates these pieces.

When the candles are lit they will cast a shadow of the surfers

 and these will send the 'angel' flying!

These are the sweetpeas from Caroline's garden which she very kindly gave me at the end of the market where they brightened up my hall beautifully!

Well it is market day again on Thursday, will have to check in the workshop to see what I need to be making and get cracking with that later.  Only a few more weeks to go before the market finishes for the season this year.  It has been a hard one this year with the weather not playing fair, but I hope that those people who have been here on holiday have still had a good time.

Take care all, til next time
Sarah x


  1. So many wonderful crafts! It must be fun to be at the market with so many other talented people! Enjoy.

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