Wednesday, 16 March 2011

All day and all of the night

Have been fully intending to get onto here and actually write a blog post for the first time in ages today, but have been caught up with listening to the Radio One longest show.  Especially hard to prise myself away as it is on the red button too so you can actually see the faces behind the oh so familiar voices!  Strange how radio feels, well sounds, totally different when you can see it at the same time!

I have been working too I hasten to add!

Anyhoo am now tired and feel a little bad that I get to go to bed whilst Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave continue on through the night but I do want to be nice and awake to be able to listen to them all day again tomorrow!!

So night all, till next time (am hoping that will be tomorrow and normal blog service resuming)
Sarah x

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