Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ponies and Pizza

Righto, it has been another long time since last blogging. 
Just to update you all - I am still living in Land Cuckoo and making all my bits and pieces to sell, have been on the market over the summer and have been busy lately making lots of bespoke orders for Christmas.  I have been concentrating over the past year on studying hard to get into university.  Well I managed that and am now studying full time once again, hence the lack of blog posts!
But here is one for you!
After uni today, George and I went for a stroll on Dartmoor.  It is so nice to get out into the open although I do have to remember to concentrate on where the car is so I can find my way back!
When I did return to the car one of the ponies was busy trying to eat a plastic tub with garlic dip inside, having already finished off the remains of a pizza!  Someone had carelessly (or maybe quite on purpose) left their fast food takeaway rubbish and it was making rather a tasty treat.  I decided that as I had a plastic bag in the car (for muddy boots) I would have a tidy up to clear away the plastic (and the chilli pepper) and the other bits of rubbish so that no harm could come to any of the wildlife, even tho I am quite sure the ponies have pretty cast iron constitutions!
Well the rustle of a plastic bag was just the calling that all the ponies in the vicinity needed!  Pretty soon I was surrounded.  George was most put out and decided that he would wait in the car.  Not sure that the ponies were too impressed I was clearing up rather than leaving rubbish but they will have to stick to their natural diet tonight as I've removed all the fast food options or at least the harmful plastic wrappers and pots!
Usually these lovely creatures don't pay any attention to you as you walk over the moor, it was so nice to get that close to them even if I did think that they may stage a stand off around the car until I found them another pizza!

So all this talk of food, I have to go and find food to eat myself, it wont be pizza tho tonight!
Take care all, til next time
Sarah x

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