Saturday, 5 October 2013

Spooky hand

First thing this morning when I walked into the lounge, this is what greeted me!
An eerie ghostlike hand waving at the window.

George was none too impressed with it either!
I have to admit that I had noticed a handprint on the window a couple of days ago when I came home but clearly failed to do anything about it, like clean the window, and this mornings condensation on the window just highlighted my domestic goddess failings!
And in any case, the sun was shining and the shorts were back on, far too nice a day to be worried about housework!  I took the workshop outside once more, possibly for the last time this year and made the most of the day.  Plenty of cutting, sanding and painting was going on.  Some pieces for special orders, some for the shops and just one or two for my next adventure (which I've kind of already started but not all of it!!).
Now it is just a gentle Saturday night in and a great long list of things I want to achieve for tomorrow awaiting my attention in the morning.  Hope you have all had a great a day wherever you are, til next time, take care, Sarah x

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  1. Now that would have spooked me! DC I Banks material!


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