Monday, 29 October 2012

Buttons and friends

 Wimpole Hall annuall Craft and Gift fair is fast approaching (November 17th and 18th to be precise!) and here in Land Cuckoo work has been fast and furious to prepare the stock for the show.

Even friends who visit are not left out, being given a collection of buttons to 'play' with and turn into the button fridge magnets that have been so popular recently. It turns out that I am not the only one who likes buttons!!
My lovely friend Debs has been down here with me in Devon this weekend for a proper catch up and regular excursions to the beach with the dogs.  It seemed only right that she should get in on the act and have a play at making things, so just when she thought she could relax with a cuppa low and behold a box of buttons appears!

In amongst the buttons I have also been busy painting and sewing.  The spiced mats are back for the autumn and winter and the workshop smells divine with the oils from the room fragrances.
Right now it is time to get the dogs out to the beach, then it is back to the production centre for more, well, production!!
Take care all, til the next time
Sarah x

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