Thursday, 10 November 2011

Catching up

Once again I have abandoned blogging for some time.  Have been doing a lot more than George has!  This is his favourite spot in the house, half way up the stairs next to the window where he can watch what is going on outside and in.

A couple of friends and I popped down to the Knitting and Stitching show at Ali Pali last month.  Had a wonderful day out and found some great new fabrics and projects.  Linda had a go with some rather large knitting needles!

Markets and events are in full swing now, just waiting for the customers to get into the Christmas shopping mindset, it seems that no-one is really getting started on the seasonal things yet.  I know that may sound daft as it is really quite early still but usually I have noticed a marked difference in the things people purchase but not so this year.  Maybe I am selling different stock this time!!

My dining room table currently looks like a Harvest Festival collection!

All the jars and tins are supporting my painted signs so that the wet edges don't stick to the table!

Lovely lovely sea of painted wood all ready to be stencilled.  Need to be getting another batch made up today.  I have to wait until we don't have any imminent visitors as they wont have anywhere to eat!!

Best get back to it, hope you are all well
Take care
Sarah x

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