Friday, 30 September 2011

Checking in

Not been blogging much recently, as you can tell, but just thought I'd fly past and check in.

Got a lot of stock to make up for market this weekend, got lots in the pipline but waiting for paint to dry seems to be taking ages, even in this gorgeous late summer sun we are having.

So strange isn't it to be out in shorts and t shirts, kicking up the autumn leaves whilst looking at Christmas decorations in the shops!!

Have been making up some of these button fridge magnets ready for the weekend, just need a delivery of buttons to arrive so I can get the rest made now.  I love buttons!!
Also rather like ribbon.
Not to mention fabric.

Hmm think I'll be off to indulge in more of the above now, apparently its called 'work'.
Take care all and have a lovely weekend in the sunshine
Sarah x

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