Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lavenders Blue

Yesterday evening we went over to Hitchin Lavender for a tour around their lavender fields.  We, being the Crafty Night In crowd that meet up at my house once a month for a catch up and a bit of a craft.

We set off up the field, gathering stems from the different varieties as we went.

You can see the rows on the right of the photo have been harvested.  Sadly some of the crop has been lost this year to the drought and late frosts.

Nick, our guide showed us the different varieties of flower, insects and wildlife that thrive in the fields and the oils with their different fragrances that are produced from some of the varieties grown here.

When there is such a large amount of lavender all together the colours are amazing and so clearly different from variety to variety.  I particularly liked the colour of the Ice Blue (I think that was it's name) so fresh and cool along the edge of the paddock.

As the sun moved, mainly behind the very threatening big black cloud above, the colour of the lavender changed with each photograph.

We finished up our tour in the grand barn, filled with the heady scent of lavender with plenty of lavender products to choose from to take away just a little of the scent and colour we had just been walking through.

I don't know about the rest of the ladies, but I slept very well last night, all that lavender and fresh air!!

Take care all
Sarah x


  1. I was just thinking "I bet they slept well!" lol! Lovely - we have Yorkshire Lavender oop road - tis glorious.

  2. Calling my name I believe....lol!!

    Sounds like a wonderful stressfree day.

    I love the lavender fields when they bloom en masse, the colours from white to pink to blue to lavender are gorgeous.

    I also LOVE Yorkshire Lavender Mrs Nesbitt , I've been there a few times.

    Sue xx

  3. What a fab day out! Wish I'd have been there too :o)


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