Thursday, 6 January 2011

Space to fill

Look - its my table!
And the only things on it are the pin cushions!
This is probably the only time for the rest of 2011 this will be the case.  It has been cleared, sorted and thoroughly cleaned ready to be filled with all those projects that I am planning on finishing off.

An here are a few of those projects.  Two wall hangings/quilts and a larger quilt to be finished with binding and bits!
If I get these done then I shall have made more in this year than I managed last year in total which is either very impressive or rather poor depending upon how you wish to look at it!  I think I shall take it as a great achievement, after all, I did make a lot of other stuff last year that isn't photographed!
Well if you'll excuse me I have some more buttons to sew on that quilt so I can get an other progress picture for tomorrow!
Take care all
Sarah x

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