Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A little trip to Devon


Slow time down!
How can it be Janurary 26th already?

I had such great plans for doing so many of my so called January Jobs and once again I seem to be paralysed by my time management!  Or have I?  When I break it down - I was poorly, that took up way too much time for my liking and we have been away on holiday for 10 days, so that doesn't seem quite so bad.
So I shall not dwell on my apparent lack of achievements so far, I am going back to my holiday!
We returned to North Devon with fingers crossed that the snow wouldn't come this time.  Last year we had the most lovely and relaxed but enforced staying in holiday due to the quantity of snow that fell.  This time we were spared the snow and instead we had some fantastic days out in the sunshine.
It just was not possible to capture this amazing sunset on my camera whilst driving (Hubby driving, not me).  The sky was golden, it was absolutely beautiful.  At the same time, the moon was rising behind us so brightly too.  At one point of the journey you could see both sun and moon and I did try to capture a panoramic video on my phone but as we were driving up and down the hills the views changed too quickly!

There was enough moonlight to go for a little walk just as the last of the sun was dipping out of sight behind the hills 

We spent everyday outside in the fresh air, most of it at the beach or along the cliffs.  Oh how much do I want to pack up and move to the coast now!!

Once we had made the final purchase of waterproof trousers (one soggy trip out was enough to remind us that these were very necessary) we were fully epuiped to picnic in all terrains.  There is most definately an art to getting dressed when you have to layer up, making sure that if you do venture into one of the very friendly, dog friendly pubs, you have put your clothes on in the correct order so that you can dismantle your attire enough to sit down with other people and still look realatively civilised!

This was the main activity of the holiday - beach and ball!

We took this picture just a few days into the holiday as it had been quite dull and raining for those few days and we did think it may be the only patch of blue sky we were going to see.  How wrong were we?  From that point onwards we had cloudless blue skies every day for the rest of our holiday.  I'd like to think that I may have even picked up a little suntan on my face - it was the only bit of skin that was not under thermals!

We came home with one very tired doggins!  Plus two very happy and relaxed us's.
Now it is back to work, back to building, back to sorting out house and generally getting declutterd and just getting things done! 
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah
    Lovely to hear from you again - by the look of it you really did have a good time. Lucky you not to have snow considering from what we hear so much of the UK did.
    Loved the shot of the three of you - how long did it take to work out where to stand and get there before the shutter clicked?
    Take care

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing holiday.

    NOW you should have the energy to do all those January have 4 days left after all!!

    Sue xx

  3. glad you had such alovely time- enjoyed the photos

  4. I live in South Devon (Torbay), but I find North Devon to be much more relaxing and picturesque.

    Looks like you had a good time, but staying outside in the fresh air? You must be brave, it was baltic last week!


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