Monday, 12 November 2012

Blankety blank

Am supposed to be doing an assignment today!
That is before I pop into college for a class later and inbetween making all my stock for this weekend at Wimpole Hall!
Notice the blank pages - lined and plain paper, it doesn't seem to matter which one I start with my mind is a little blank.
I've been out for a walk in the rain with George but still nothing as yet.
Ah well, back to it, am sure that inspiration will strike soon.  Just going to go and write something, anything and then see what happens!
Take care all
sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah
    I've been very lax in my blog reading for quite a while so am only just catching up on your move to Devon and any crafting you might have been doing. You certainly have moved to a laovely part of the world - George seems very much at home there with all the sea sun sand and surf and the views to die for.
    I'll leave you in peace now to gt on with your 'school work' although I'm sure by now you will have found something to write about
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

    commenting via blogger - link is to new blog on w/press

  2. Best of luck with it all Sarah. Hope Wimpole goes well for you! Bye for now from Teresa at Philpotts xx


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