Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Oh mist rolling in from the sea

Mull of Kintyre, oh mist rolling in from the sea la la laaaa la la la la la la la............

Guess what I was singing all morning!

Couldn't help it after seeing this.  It really was quite amazing how the mist just stopped and reversed once it hit the land, you could see it swirling back on itself.  Now a few hours later it is all disappeared and we are back to a sunny day with just a bank of mist out at sea so you can't see the other coastline.
Once again, I must dash off and find food to fuel my afternoon's work making up some orders.
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Oh, oh, once I hear those words I'm off humming the tune all day!!

    Sue xx

  2. what stunning photos, we occasionally see the mist rolling in over the hills, we are no where near the sea. It is a sight to behold that's for sure.

    Gill in Canada


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