Tuesday, 19 June 2012

What a weekend!

This weekend has been a fantastic one!
George had a friend over to stay - Charlie the chocolate lab.
He didn't drive over himself as you can tell, (the pair of them are clearly sitting in the boot and paws just wouldn't reach the pedals) I had a visitor too, my friend Debs.
Looking over to Woolacombe
Before they arrived the weather was amazing and George and I went for a wander up Baggy Point in the sunshine.  However the weather turned.........
Plenty of muddy boots outside doors, all because there was a music festival!  I think it is part of the British way that outdoor music can only be heard if you are knee deep in mud!  More of that another day though.

We all went over to Putsborough beach to get sandblasted in the wind and rain.  These two ran all the way there and back and then some inbetween!

Charlie has discovered that he rather likes playing in the sand dunes but when the tide is out it does mean that we are walking quite a way away from them!

Trying to frame him for something he didn't do!
 Last week we popped into Barnstaple to the collectors and antiques market where I found this picture frame, nothing in it well, apart from the dog!  Haven't yet decided whether to make a chalk board, memo board or maybe I'll use it for a photo collage which I can change around.
Back soon with more on the weekend just gone.
Take care all, hope you have not got to washed away with the recent rains
Sarah x

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