Friday, 4 August 2017

Restoring the flight of the bumble bee.

As I was at the back door this morning feeding the trio of warring robins whilst trying to explain to two of them (the other one is quite happy with suet pellets!) that there are no more mealworms until I've been shopping, this little stripey fella literally fell out of the sky.

Well it is no weather for bumble bees today, wet and windy, so I fetched a spoon of good old Devon flower honey (from the Quince honey farm, its delicious!) and added a drop of water and popped it near the bee.  He/she (I really don't know too much about bees, is there only the one female?  are all the busy worker ones males?  must do some research...) anyway, he or she found their way to the edge of the spoon and began to drink.

I didn't get a shot of the miraculous recovery but I gently moved the spoon, with bee still drinking, and placed it in the sunshine (when it came out) by the flowers and within about five minutes it had restored it's energy and took flight off into the crocosmia.

So I will like to think that now this little one with return to its busy day and continue to make more delicious honey in the sunshine.

Til next time

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